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North Thailand Birding focuses on Birds, Birding and Nature Photography in Thailand. Information covers Birding Sites, Checklists, Trip Reports and Resources, as well as a wealth of background, travel and logistical information. Photo Galleries showcase the extent and variety of the natural wildlife, as well as providing identification assistance for well represented groups. Birding localities and important places are locatable in a shareable Google Map. A World section features birding trip reports and additional bird and wildlife galleries from around the globe.

Snoy-browed Flycatcher
Snowy-browed Flycatcher

Large Forest Bob
Large Forest Bob

Black-winged Kite
Black-winged Kite

Club Silverline
Club Silverline

What's About

Latest bird sightings around Thailand.

Updated 15 Dec 2017. Full details.

Long-legged Buzzard - Lumphun.
Stork-billed Kingfisher - Suphanburi.
Ferruginous Duck - Chiang Saen.
Rosy Pipit - Chiang Mai.
Black-headed Gull - Bangpoo.
Asian Dowitcher - Bangpoo.
Himalayan Vulture - Doi Inthanon.
Bonelli's Eagle - Doi Lo.
Malayan Night Heron - B. Boraphet.
Chinese Egret - Prasae.
Slaty-breasted Rail - Suphaburi.
Common Starling - Doi Lo.
Ruddy Shelduck - Thaton.
Crested Bunting - Doi Lang.
Eurasian Coot - Phitchit.
Dunlin - Pak Thale.
Yellow-breasted Bunting - Khon Kaen.
Pied Harrier - Phrao.
Nordmann's Greenshank - Prasae.
Pine Bunting - Lopburi.

News Snippets

15 Nov. New species of frog described from western Thialand.

31 Oct. New species of bat Rhinolophus refulgens described from central and northeast Thailand.

10 Sep. Taxonomic changes from IOC 7.3 (2017) made across the website.

25 Aug. Quarterly records round up covering Jan - Apr 2017 published on BCST website.

3 Apr. New species of gecko - Dixonius kaweesaki described from Thailand.

Geographically, North Thailand Birding covers the northern half of the country in detail - roughly north of Bangkok and the Peninsula. Additionally, areas of the south are included following visits and exploration around the country. All information, especially for localities, is gained from first-hand experience and accurate at the time of publication.

Current Galleries Status

Thailand Galleries:
Birds: 3,145 images of 784 species.
Butterflies: 2,549 images of 650 species.
Reptiles: 528 images of 111 species.
Mammals: 315 images of 72 species.
Amphibians: 251 images of 56 species.

World Galleries:
Birds: 5,246 images of 1,507 species.
Butterflies: 2,658 images of 689 species.
Reptiles: 547 images of 119 species.
Mammals: 405 images of 102 species.
Amphibians: 260 images of 60 species.

Feedback through the Contact form is welcomed, as are any comments on identification of species in photographs.

North Thailand Birding went live in September 2011. This website is an on-going project, initiated in October 2009 when photographs were first taken and localities visited. Information, photos, scope and detailed coverage are being updated and expanded continually. For some sections this will be a lengthy process - especially locality information and maps. Continued expansion includes additional localities and checklists. Longer term, photo galleries will be added to include dragonflies, moths, other insects and spiders.

Latest updates

15 Dec. Added Red-breast Jezebel (species #650) to Thailand Butterfly gallery. Added additional images of Yellow Jezebel, Common Jester, Small Cabbage White, Dark-banded White, Talbot's Grass Yellow, Great Evening Brown, Angled Red Forester, Lilacine Bushbrown, Small Staff SErgeant, Grey Baron, White-edged Blue Baron and Banded Dandy.

14 Dec. Added additional images of Common Jester, Painted Lady and Blue Admiral to Thailand Butterfly gallery.

12 Dec. Updated Mammal checklist.

12 Dec. Added additional images of Indian Red Admiral to Thailand Butterfly gallery.

9 Dec. Added additional images of Circe, Eastern Courtier, Common Courtesan, Yellow Pasha, Cyclops Bushbrown, Chinese Bushbrown, Common Jungleglory, Clear Sailor, Common Sailor, Sullied Brown Sailor, Dingiest Sailor, White Commodore, Common Maplet, Indian Purple Emperor, Siam Jungleking and Tufted Jungleking to Thailand Butterfly gallery.

7 Dec. Added additional images of Eastern Buzzard and Himalayan Buzzard to Thailand Bird gallery.

5 Dec. Trip report Doi Phu Kha plus exploration 26 Noiv - 1 Dec.

5 Dec. Added additional images of Brown Prince to Thailand Butterfly gallery.

4 Dec. Added Tonkin Black Prince and Sumatran Prince (species #648 - 649) to Thailand Butterfly gallery. Added additional images of Siamese Black Prince.

3 Dec. Added Rusty Forester (species #647) to Thailand Butterfly gallery. Added additional images of Common Tawny Rajah and Common Castor.

27 Nov. Added Naga Emperor (species #646) to Thailand Butterfly gallery. Added additional images of Indian Purple Emperor.

26 Nov. Added additional images of Bronzed Drongo to Thailand Bird gallery.

Full update history.

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