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North Thailand Birding focuses on birds, birding and nature photography in Thailand. Information covers birding sites, checklists, trip reports and resources, as well as a wealth of background, travel and logistical information. Photo galleries showcase the extent and variety of the wildlife, as well as providing identification assistance for well-represented groups. Birding localities and important places are locatable in a shareable Google Map. A World section features trip reports and additional bird and wildlife galleries from around the globe - currently 21,867 images of 6,007 species.

Black-throated Bushtit
Black-throated Bushtit

Mangina argus
Mangina argus

Black Bittern
Black Bittern

Barred Eagle-Owl
Barred Eagle-Owl

What's About

Latest bird sightings around Thailand.

Updated 2 Oct 2023. Full details.

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper - Chachoengsao
Eurasian Hobby - Chiang Rai.
Hainan Blue Flycatcher - Bangkok.
White-shouldered Starling - Prachuap.
Blue Rock Thrush - Ubon.
Alstrom's Warbler - Bangkok.
Eurasian Hobby - Doi Inthanon.
Daurian Starling - Bangkok.
Chinese Sparrowhawk - Prachuap.
Rose-ringed Parakeet - Bangkok.
Daurian Starling - Prachuap.
Daurian Starling - Chumphon.
Far Eastern Curlew - Songkhla.
Malayan Night Heron - Khao Soi Dao.
Dusky Crag Martin - Khun Phawo.
Daurian Starling - Ko Samui.

News Snippets

20 Sep 2023. Taxonomic changes from IOC 13.2 (2023) made across the website.

30 Jan 2022. Major update of Thai Butterfly checklist (1,340 species) incorporating latest taxonomic revisions.

20 May 2021. New species of pit viper, Trimeresurus kuiburi described from northern Peninsula Thailand.

18 May 2021. New species of gecko Gekko pradapdao described from Lopburi.

24 Jan 2021. New snake species, Fire-back Keelback Hebius igneus, occuring in north Thaiiland, described.

18 Sep 2020. Updated Thai Bird List available from BSCT website.

Geographically, North Thailand Birding covers the northern half of the country in detail - roughly north of Bangkok and the Peninsula. Additionally, areas of the south are included following visits and exploration around the country. All information, especially for localities, is gained from first-hand experience and accurate at the time of publication.

Current Galleries Status

World Galleries:
Amphibians: 438 images of 103 species.
Birds: 11,369 images of 2,782 species.
Butterflies: 5,843 images of 1,405 species.
Dragonflies: 638 images of 180 species.
Mammals: 700 images of 181 species.
Moths: 2,070 images of 1,162 species.
Reptiles: 796 images of 189 species.
Other: 13 images of 5 species.

Thailand Galleries:
Amphibians: 392 images of 84 species.
Birds: 3,954 images of 834 species.
Butterflies: 5,038 images of 994 species.
Dragonflies: 561 images of 152 species.
Mammals: 381 images of 89 species.
Moths: 1,856 images of 1,049 species.
Reptiles: 646 images of 145 species.

Feedback through the Contact form is welcomed, as are any comments on identification of species in photographs.

North Thailand Birding went live in September 2011. This website is an on-going project, initiated in October 2009 when photographs were first taken and localities visited. Information, photos, scope, checklists and detailed coverage are being updated and expanded continually. Longer term, photo galleries will be added to include other wildlife.

Latest updates

1 Oct. Added Yellow-striped Chaser (species #152) to Thailand Dragonfly gallery.

30 Sep. Added Noctuidae sp, Thyrididae sp and Nyctemera tripunctaria (species #1,047 - 1,049) to Thailand Moth gallery.

29 Sep. Added Syllepte sp (species #1,046) to Thailand Moth gallery.

28 Sep. Added Wavy Maplet, Purple Tit and Small Redeye (species #992 - 994) to Thailand Butterfly gallery.

28 Sep. Added Stemorrhages amphitritalis (species #1,045) to Thailand Moth gallery.

27 Sep. Added Green Baron, Narrow-banded Ace and Straight Plum Judy (species #989 - 991) to Thailand Butterfly gallery.

27 Sep. Added Eumelea biflavata (species #1.044) to Thailand Moth gallery. Added additional images of Dysaethria lilacina.

26 Sep. Updated Thailand Butterfly checklist.

25 Sep. Added Botys sp, Mythimna moorei, Ambia sp and Zonoplusia ochreata (species #1,041 - 1.043) to Thailand Moth gallery.

24 Sep. Added Nola lucidalis, Gonoglasa nigripalpis and Spilosoma eldorado (species #1,039 - 1,040) to Thailand Moth gallery.

23 Sep. Added Fentonia excurvata and Meganoton nyctiphanes (species #1,037 - 1,038) to Thailand Moth gallery. Added additional images of Dolbina inexacta and Psilogramma increta.

23 Sep. Added Blastobasis lacticolella, Eudonia angustea, Acleris variegana, Ennomos alniaria, Ennomos fuscantaria, Idaea aversata, Phlogophora meticulosa, Phragmatobia fuliginosa and Cilix glaucata (species #1,143 1,152) to World (UK) Moth gallery.

22 Sep. Added Agrius convolvuli and Acosmeryx omissa (species #1,035 - 1,036) to Thailand Moth gallery. Added additional images of Amyna punctum, Spirama helicina, Lymantria mathura, Plutodes unidentata, Olene inclusa, Odontodes aleuca, Mangina argus, Hypospila bolinoides, Hyperythra lutea, Heteropanula flavimacula, Bastilla crameri, Ambulyx moorei, Acosmeryx shervillii, Abraxaphantes perampla, Pergesa acteus and Metasiodes heliaula.

22 Sep. Added additional images of Gllazed Oakblue to Thailand Butterfly gallery.

Full update history.

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