Thueng Salaeng Luang National Park
Phitsanulok Province





The national park covers 1,262 square kilometres, spread out across several sections, and is most easily accessed along Highway 12 between Phitsanulok and Lom Sak. The altitude varies from 300 – 1,028 m. Like much of the surrounding area this was previously a stronghold of the communist insurgency, with consequently much forest degradation, although areas of good forest do remain. Most visitors and birders will concentrate on the park HQ area with its evergreen forests and trails at an altitude of just over 500 m. In addition to the usual mid elevation forest species, the park is noted for its population of Siamese Fireback. Mosquitoes and leeches are very prevalent in the wet season. Information on this page verified/accurate as of 9 Nov 2017.

Thueng Salaeng


The park HQ is situated 79 km east of Phitsanulok. From Phitsanulok take Highway 12 eastward toward Lom Sak and after 79 km the park HQ is directly on the south side of the highway. Turn in through the checkpoint, and proceed 200 m to the HQ, visitor centre and park accommodation area.

Accommodation and Facilities

The park has a number of bungalows, as well as several campsites, for which own tents are required. Other facilities appear somewhat limited as the restaurant cannot be relied on to be open and no small shop is available here or nearby. Quite a range of accommodation, restaurants and provisions can be found outside the park along Highway 12, but none close by. Returning about 30 km toward Phitsanulok a couple of more expensive resorts can be found. The best option accommodation outside the park is to continue eastward past the park along Highway 12, toward Lom Sak, for about 20 km to the small town of Kaem Son, where a large number of resorts are centred. 


HQ area and Road to Kek River

The easiest birding option is to simply walk the roads around the HQ area and the paved road to the Kek River, where a number of accommodation units and campsites are located. This road passes through good forest along most of its length, and it should be possible to find Siamese Fireback here early and late in the day.

Nature Trails

Signboards indicating several kilometres of nature trails can be found at a couple of locations near the HQ. Following these might prove less than straightforward with trails starting wide and well-defined but deteriorating once a few hundred metres into the forest. One trail starts on the right about 50 metres into the park past the entrance barrier. Another trail head easily found is about 200 metres on the right after the HQ area along the road to the Kek River. The forest along these trails is good and likely would be rewarding given time.

Kaeg Sopha Waterfall

Situated 8.6 kilometres from the park entrance, in the direction of Phitsanulok, is the well sign-posted Kaeng Sopha Waterfall. The entrance road passes about one kilometre through forest and the falls themselves are worth a look.


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Sunrise and Sunset

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