Scarlet-faced Liocichla Black-collared Starling




A number of, both commercial and free internet, bird sound collections covering Thailand, at least in part, are available.

Bird Sound Recordings

xeno-canto Asia. The largest collection of Asian bird sound recordings on the web, including many from Thailand. Recordings can be searched and download for non-commercial use.

Bird Songs International. Birds of Tropical Asia 3. (2005). This DVD ROM contains 2,000+ recordings from around the region, with a great number from Thailand.

Internet Bird Collection. The accompanying website of the Handbook of the Birds of the World by Lynx Edicions. A large and growing collection of bird sound recordings, many of which are from Thailand. Unlike xeno-canto recordings cannot be downloaded, but useful as a reference.

Birds of Thailand Songs and Calls. A two CD collection (1998 and 2002) of various species, primarily from northern Thailand, recorded by the late Tony Ball. A third CD covers Thai Soundscapes. With Tony's death, no longer avaiable, but potentially findable second hand.